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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DEATHS IN ZOMBIELAND recording updates

Yes, that's right. The working title for our debut album is called DEATHS IN ZOMBIELAND.

Recording has started with tracking the drums and bass during the new year (you can read it here). Dark-E is now working on that tracks, furnishing it to a deliverable quality. It may take another few days. Once the works are complete, the track are ready for tracking guitars and vocals.

So while Dark-E is doing his job, Dr. Bentara is now busy with his lecturing/researching lives. Alan Azimuth is busy managing his factory and Pojie Mutilator is busy preparing for the election (?). That is what life as we call it for Death Metallers in Malaysia (and most part of the world).

Expect a few surprise appearance in the debut as well. We will not mentioned them yet but once the laid out their tracks (it could be anything - vocals, guitars etc) we will announce it.

At the moment, you can stay put. If you have the money to spend, why not buy our first official t shirt (more info here) - officially distributed by Eastern Myth Records. The rehearsal tape are totally sold out (hahaha...).

till Death!


  1. Dr Ben...
    Guitar Track cuba record banyak layer... walaupun sakit nak buat m very sure the end result will be very syiok