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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rehearsal 28th October 2011

We rehearsed on a more systematic route. We tried to lock each parts of the song though we barely managed it. Still it was fun. We laughed at our mistakes.

 Pogie Mutilator on bass

 Dr. Bentara on guitar

 At some points, we were imagining we were playing in front of the crowds of 20K metalbangers!

 Alan Azimuth on drums

We got Meor & Zahrul (of the legendary SCUM) as our guests. No, they were not there just to watch. They were there to discuss on an important project that will involve DIED as well. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rehearsal 23rd October 2011

Yeah, we know. It has been almost two weeks since we last practice together. Dr. Bentara was busy on the last week. Somehow, we managed to gather again.

Good news. We now practiced all the 6 songs! Looking good! OK the songs are still titled in numbers. Like song no 1, 2 to 6. No lyrics yet. Not even song titles.

We started to play along with metronome now to prepare for the recording in December 2011.

Venue - Soundville Studio, Ipoh.

 Huge sound here at Soundville! Pogie Mutilator with Fender Jazz 5 strings. Yes, Dr. Bentara is wearing the DIED logo shirt.

 Alan Azimuth beating the shit out of this kit!

Cool aircond and cozy pratice room. What else do you need?

Special guests - Anba (who also did a nice cameo on vocal for the song Death By Leprosy) and Gbone (who took these pictures).

What about you? When are you coming?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rehearsal 9th October 2011

It's rehearsal time again. The same venue. Pogie Mutilator brought his sister and brother in law as special guests. Not forgetting, the member of Kampung Gajah's finest, Dark Chronicles was also there with us.

No progress. We were stucked with the same songs as last week.

 Dr. Bentara and Pogie Mutilator posing for you!

 It's the old GIBSON Explorer that the Doctor love.

 6 string SPECTOR Legend. Power!

Alan Azimuth with his bootleg IRON MAIDEN shirt (Malaysian Official Fan Club)

Sorry for the low quality photos. Someone has forgotten to bring the camera. We only used phone camera.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rehearsal 3rd October 2011

We were so tied up with other things that we had to shift more than once, the time when we can practice. In the end, we managed.

We guessed that, no matter what, we have to practice at least once a week to sustain the momentum.

Tonight, we managed to play 3 new songs which are numbered 1, 3 and 4 (yeah, no titles yet). That's progress!

Dr. Bentara with a Strat, something that Chuck would never play with!

Pogie Mutilator with LTD bass.

Alan Azimuth (he was supposed to act naturally - playing drums - and not standing like that)

Also, a DIED banner at the back would look nice, don't you think?