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Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIED on Metal Archives

Yes, we are finally on Metal Archives. Please go HERE.

We encourage those of you who have already purchased our rehearsal tape to make an honest review on the site.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DEATHS IN ZOMBIELAND recording updates

Yes, that's right. The working title for our debut album is called DEATHS IN ZOMBIELAND.

Recording has started with tracking the drums and bass during the new year (you can read it here). Dark-E is now working on that tracks, furnishing it to a deliverable quality. It may take another few days. Once the works are complete, the track are ready for tracking guitars and vocals.

So while Dark-E is doing his job, Dr. Bentara is now busy with his lecturing/researching lives. Alan Azimuth is busy managing his factory and Pojie Mutilator is busy preparing for the election (?). That is what life as we call it for Death Metallers in Malaysia (and most part of the world).

Expect a few surprise appearance in the debut as well. We will not mentioned them yet but once the laid out their tracks (it could be anything - vocals, guitars etc) we will announce it.

At the moment, you can stay put. If you have the money to spend, why not buy our first official t shirt (more info here) - officially distributed by Eastern Myth Records. The rehearsal tape are totally sold out (hahaha...).

till Death!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Floridian Death Metal reh tape comment 2

already got 2 copy rehearsal tape from eastern myth. a reincarnation of leprosy and spiritual healing..

by kematian

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Floridian Death Metal reh tape comment 1

Dear Brothers, i was just listening to the rehearsal cassette..the riffs and bass sound are solid Dr ben your riffs are only wish is that for the recording; the guitar tones are massive like Entombed's Left...or Carcass Heartwork...baru mengancam mcm Maut!!!

another thing ..the drums sound is neglected !!! can't hear the Bass drums...

hope the actual recording does justice to the drum play...tak mau incident jason mcm and justice for all hehe!!!!

by Anba

Floridian Death Metal reh tape.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Recording DEATHS IN ZOMBIELAND diary Part 1

11:05am recording 1st day. Everyone's still at home but Daei (lead guitarist cum producer) already on the road from KL. Arrival 12:30pm at Medan Gopeng.

12:07pm recording 1st day. The drummer settling his son's school. Dr. Bentara waiting for his wife to arrive from Saturday class and Mutilator is probably still sleeping at Kampung Gajah. If this is not the life of a rockstar, we don't know what is!

3:05pm recording 1st day. The drummer is warming up. Daei is setting the sound and tonal. Dr Bentara is munching sunflower seeds. Mutilator just woke up and rushing to the studio from Kg Gajah. It's going to be a hell of a day!

5:48pm recording 1st day. Finished tracking drums for 2 songs. 6 more to go. We ride!

6:48pm recording 1st day. Finished tracking drums for 3 songs. A short break with keropok lekor and apam balik. Never taste this good!

7:07pm recording 1st day. Meor of SCUM arrived with durians. Yea!

8:20pm recording 1st day. Finished tracking drums for 4 songs. We will take a break for dinner then go for bass tracking.

12:40am recording 2nd day. Finish tracking guitar for 2 songs. From now on, night and day becomes as one!

1:51am recording 2nd day. That's it... need rest. Will continue in 8 hours. See ya guys!

9:22am recording 2nd day. Dr Bentara and Azimuth Land are now awake. Daei is still sleeping. Can someone deliver us some nasi lemak and kopi kaw?

1:30pm recording 2nd day. Drum re-tracking of the originals yesterday. We made mistakes but now we are rectifying it. Problem solved. It is still a long ride!

5:52pm recording 2nd day. Finished recording 6 drum tracks. 2 more to go!!!

8:15pm recording 2nd day. Drum tracking finally completed!!! Bass in next!

9:15pm recording 2nd day. Sound engineer went out for dinner leaving the band ruling the studio. It's time to mess around *wicked smiles*

2:58am recording 3rd day. Still tracking the bass. 2 more songs to go. We are the hardest working Floridian Death Metal band IN THE WORLD!!!

4:37am recording 3rd day. Still tracking. Tired and red. This the lousiest job in the world. We wonder what all the fuss about being a ROCKSTAR???

6:38am recording 3rd day. Completed all 8 tracks for drums and bass. Time to wrap up. Going back home to families and have a good rest. When to continue? Time will tell.

Butchered at Bercham!

 After tracking drums for the 3rd songs, a short break with keropok lekor and apam balik cannot be delayed anymore! 

 Käÿrül Mütïlätör practicing. But not until tomorrow when he will be tracking the bass.


 Dark-E with the new bling bling look!

 Recording mood

 Hahahaha... (don't know what they are laughing about)

 Mutilator at 5am!

 The most dedicated Floridian Death Metal bassist in the whole universe!

 Look at that hair!

 Zombie on drums!