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Monday, December 26, 2011

Rehearsal 26/12/2011

For this rehearsal, we decided to give Mambang Studio a shot.

Actually it was the 2nd. The first was few months back when Amir was still in the fold. Reminded us how good this studio was and still among the best in Perak. What other studios offer a triggered drum?

Unfortunately, it is in Kampung Gajah which is a 1-hour drive. Mutilator has no problem since he live there. We spent a few hours in his house listening to his vinyl collections.

Then the members of Infernal Void came and brought us fried noodles. Poey the guitarist lent his nice Jackson to play with.

In action!

The compulsory band pose.

A nice guitar, look nice too!

Large space for practice.

Mutilator will get someone to do the paint on his bass.

Dr Bentara will not forget his GIBSON though.


  1. rock on dude! mambang is always the best! reminds me of a long time ago where u jam with friends around u.