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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Death By Leprosy (raw track)

The track Death By Leprosy was uploaded on reverbnation. It is a raw track (not mixed).

You can listen to it by clicking on the widget on the right menu of this page. Otherwise you can go directly to HERE.

Recorded at Tunestone Studio, Kuala Lumpur for the Ipoh's Metal Militants Supremacist compilation.

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Bacterium leprae
Horrendous disease
Destroying mortals
Ad Aeternum

So progressive
Infecting skin lesions
Damaging nerves and limbs
Eyes popping out

Left untouched
Human lowest caste
Thrown worthless
Sickness of society

Death by leprosy, die in agony

Waking up in disbelief, skin lesions sign of hell
Soon the limbs will be numb, disfigurement of the face
Leprosy will spread with time, your fate is finally concealed
Awaiting for the coming death, there is no escape

Doomed... Mocked... Cast out...
Horror... Pain... Affliction...

(Solo: Dr. Bentara/Amir Faisal)

Death by leprosy, die in agony

(Music/Lyrics: Dr. Bentara 27/1/2011

*backing vocals by Adib (SICK SOCIETY)


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