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Monday, January 3, 2011


DIED was formed by Bentara (ex-Langsuyr/ex-Vociferation Eternity/Bentara/Tro-Njo-I) and Pojie Mutilator (Infernal Void/Profane Creation) somewhere in November 2010. Not long after that, Lan Azimuth (Infernal Void/Bullet) and Amir Faisal (Bilharzia/Ulterior Decimation) came in to join.

The purpose of existence is to play Death Metal which hailed Chuck Schuldiner's legacy in DEATH, particularly from the first album Scream Bloody Gore up to Spiritual Healing. Not only doing covers of DEATH, DIED also composing their own gore for an upcoming album.

Amir Faisal left the band due to commitment reasons and he was replaced by the legendary Dark-E who works with Sil Khannaz and Vociferation Eternity has set new standards for the growing Malaysian Death Metal scene.

The band members have a vast experience in the local extreme Metal scene in Malaysia hence DIED is a force to reckon.

For more info and gig request please contact THE MANAGER!

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